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TODAY WE ARE ALL DEMONS [Nov. 17th, 2008|01:57 pm]
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DONT FORGET [Oct. 20th, 2008|02:35 pm]
This wednesday in Atlanta, my dear friends:
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Dixie Fried! [Sep. 1st, 2008|03:24 pm]
[Combichrist is |draineddrained]

This weekend was one of my best weekends ever. Thanks to all my old and new friends for a great time!
Pictures will follow!
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combitubbies. [Apr. 25th, 2008|11:20 pm]

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More press shots [Apr. 24th, 2008|03:41 pm]
These photos were done by my good friend Bill aka Tsubasa

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Photos [Apr. 24th, 2008|10:51 am]
Took a few photos with the talented Chad Micheal Ward last time I was in LA.

Here is one of them.
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Europe! Summer tour dates. [Apr. 22nd, 2008|03:51 pm]
 05.07.2008    S ArvikaArvika Festivalen  
 11.07.2008 E Barcelona Salamandra 1  
 12.07.2008 E Madrid Caracol  
 13.07.2008 F Melun / Vaux le Penil Chateau de Vaux le Penil  
 18.07.2008 PL Warsaw Progresja  
 19.07.2008 D Köln Tanzbrunnen  
 25.07.2008 B Waregem EXPO  
 05.08.2008 D Augsburg Rockfabrik  
 06.08.2008 D Ludwigsburg Rockfabrik  
 08.08.2008 NL Utrecht Tivoli  
 10.08.2008 D Hildesheim Flugplatz  
This is what we have so far for the Sumer Combichrist European tour. More dates will be added soon, so keep looking!

There are 3 Panzer AG shows coming up in the UK as well.
23.05.2008, Edinburgh @ The Hive
24.05.2008, Sheffield @ TBA
25.05.2008, London @ TBA

Also an Icon of Coil show
04.07.2008, D, Gelsenkirchen @ Amphitheater.
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Atlanta venue change, Austin date added. [Apr. 22nd, 2008|03:25 pm]
 The show on May 10th in Atlanta scheduled for the Tabernacle will now be at the Masquerade. Due to storm damage at the Tabernacle.  All original tickets will be accepted at the door.
So, we..ll see you all on the top level of the Masquerade on May 10th!
(standing room only,  it will be tight) 

And an Austin Tx date has been added to our tour with MSI. May 16, @ La Zona Rosa.
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Los Angeles! [Apr. 21st, 2008|12:43 pm]
Combichrist live!
w/ special guests

cyanide regime

all ages
avalon hollywood
1735 Vine St
Los Angeles, CA 90028

info: here
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Chicago [Apr. 10th, 2008|10:03 pm]
Hi all. I'm sorry to announce that I have to cancel my DJ set in Chicago tomorrow.
Its a personal matter, and I hope you all understand. I will try my best to make it up to you as soon as possible.

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